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Words and Lyrics - Matt Stone
Produced - Dave Blackburn
Rick Schmidt - Pedal Steel
Dan DiPietro - Bass
Dave Johnstone - Drums
Rob Whitlock - Hammond B3


I was born in an Oregon Town
Where the mighty Columbia tumbled and turned
Where the work started early and went to sundown
And your back and your hands were the living you earned

I remember, late summer nights
The aurora borealis, came and painted the sky
The whole town was out at the drive-in that night
Staring up from their car hoods, in awe of the sight
Northern lights

And I swear I can still hear the ice crystals crack
When I think of it now, I can’t help but go back
Lightning, snow, and the bitter cold rain
How I wish I could go home again
Northern lights, northern lights

We sat there looking, you holding my hand
Such a brand new feeling, did we even really understand
Or like those dancing, shimmering miracles above
Was it youth’s energy or fleeting first love?
Northern lights

Northern lights, shine from heaven to earth
If I’ve got a poet’s heart this was the hour of its birth
Lighting, snow and the bitter cold rain
How I wish I could go home again
Northern lights. Northern lights.

I moved on, in a summer or two
Left our little town far behind, but I also left you
On late summer evenings, I still think of that night
Sky going crazy, you holding me tight
Northern lights, northern lights, northern lights

(c) Matt Stone, Folkmuse Songs, 2012